Bye bye dry skin

I’ve been battling with dry skin for a while and have been really desperate to find something that would ease it and stop all the flaking. I noticed that Garnier has a new range out – 4 different creams for … Continue reading

Tissue Oil Gold

Tissue Oil Gold

I had an op earlier this year and decided to try out the new Tissue Oil Gold product from Justine because it has such strong claims. It’s clinically proven to even out skin tone and fade dark spots in just … Continue reading

What is the difference between BB, CC and DD cream?

What is the difference between BB, CC and DD cream?

While browsing through the sale racks at Woolies the other night a very polite lady started chatting to me about accessories and somehow we started chatting about make-up. I told her that I have very sensitive skin and have a real problem finding products that don’t irritate it or make it itch. She has the same problem and struggles to find products that don’t leave her face feeling like it’s caked in make-up. She’s looking for a product that provides light coverage and leaves you looking like you’ve got a flawless complexion all day. I started telling her about BB and CC creams and how I’m a firm believer in them. More and more people ask me what the difference is between them and I came across this article last night that does a pretty good job of explaining it.