Catrice Liquid Metal eyeshadows

Catrice liquid metal eyeshadow 2

If you love eyeshadows with high pigmentation and shimmer, then the Catrice Liquid Metal eyeshadows are exactly what you need in your make-up bag. Their rich colours are what caught my eye while I was browsing the Catrice make-up stand. I first bought the Gold ‘n Roses eyeshadow to try out (the colour was quite similar to a Rimmel eyeshadow I had a few years ago and love wearing until they discontinued it) and was really impressed. After applying the eyeshadows my eyes had a great metal-like shimmer to them, and the bold colour lasted for most of the day before it started creasing. I later went back and bought Gold Leaf Me, which looks great with my eyes because they are grey-blue. These eyeshadows cost R67.95 each at Dischem and are definitely worth it if you like intense eyes.


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