Wise words

I realised tonight that I haven’t done an inspirational post in a while. Yes, I am one of those people who have a “words” board on Pinterest and I enjoy retweeting inspirational quotes.

Things have been incredibly busy my side for the last 2 weeks and I keep reminding myself – that which does not kill you makes you stronger. Right? A few other people, who are very special to me, are going through hard times at the moment and I wanted to share these wise words with them (and anyone else who is going through a stressful time).

amazing things

be strong



even little

don't forget to be awesome




3 thoughts on “Wise words

  1. Great post. People usually call me the “peppy optimist” because I have a wonderful aptitude for life. If only people will smile once in a while and realize that they can achieve their dreams….

    • I am not always the most positive person, but I do try my best. I agree that we all need to smile more and realise our dreams are possible. They may just need a little hard work at times 🙂

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