Whitney Port sporting a new long bob



I’ve been a huge fan of Whitney Port ever since I first saw her on The Hills. Whitney has always had such amazing taste when it comes to fashion and I love how she puts outfits together. She currently has her own fashion lable called Whitney Eve. Part of her signature look over the years has been her long, beautiful hair. I’ve always wished mine could be as long as hers. Tonight on Instagram she posted a pic of her new hair style with the caption: “Finally did it! Man, I feel like a woman!” Personally I love the long bob on her. I’m not sure if her engagement spurred this on, but it’s a great update for her look.


Whit 4

Whit 5

4 thoughts on “Whitney Port sporting a new long bob

  1. OMW I’m convinced our brains are in sync now. I was such a HUGE The Hills fan and still am. I love the long bob on her, its fresh! I really do love following her and Lauren’s career and life after the ‘The Hills’, how amazing did they turn out? And their style… *Swooooooon* L-O-V-E!

    • OMW it’s like you read my mind! I still rematch episodes and follow them. Love seeing what they are up to and how far they have come. They turned out super amazing! How excited are you for their weddings? Going to be the events of the year! L-O-V-E to the max!

    • I was so sad when The City and The Hills ended 😦 I wish there were more episodes. Would love to see a reality show on how she prepped for her wedding, the big day etc.

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