An invisi-what?

invisibobble td

When we were in Vietnam in December last year I found these really awesome hair thingy-ma-bobs (had no idea what to call them) in the big market in Ho Chi Minh city. I had seen so many girls with them in their hair and at such a cheap price I couldn’t resist getting a few to try. They’re like a plastic slinky for your hair. They work perfectly when I do a top knot, don’t damage my hair and keep it in place for hours, no matter how clean or soft my hair is. This is a huge bonus because I always struggle to keep my hair in place when it is too soft.

A few months later I’ve seen these hair thingy-ma-bobs (now I know they are actually called Invisibobbles) on blogs and online stores, for around R90 each. I can’t remember exactly what I paid for my knock offs but they were around R4 each (I wish I had bought more!). If you don’t mind forking out more for an original one I would really recommend these if you like wearing your hair up in a top knot. I haven’t mastered a pony yet, as I always seem to tangle them, but I have seen some people recommend them for that too.

invisibobble 2 td

invisibobble 3 copy


2 thoughts on “An invisi-what?

  1. I am OBSESSED with my invisibobbles! They are the best! Also, you get 3 in a pack, so it works out to R30 per bobble…still WAAAAAAY more expensive than yours, but a little bit more reasonable!

    • Oh I didn’t realise it was 3 in a pack, should have read the fine print on that 🙈 now that my hair is long I really can’t get enough of them! Thanks for letting me know 😉

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