Addicted to Pinterest

Hi my name is Plum, and I’m addicted to Pinterest.

When I say addicted I am not being funny. I am being dead serious! Pinterest is a site I spend HOURS on every week. I get completely lost in a world of great ideas, fashion, beauty, amazing photos, home decor, tattoos, fitness, storage, gift ideas, yummy drinks, places I’d love to visit. (My mom is also addicted to it and loves looking at all the different pins.)

Below are some funny ecards I saw relating to Pinterest addictions and some are so true to me! Especially the one that I just want to look at a few pins while enjoying my morning coffee and 3 hours later I am still pinning.

If you haven’t tried out Pinterest and you love being inspired give it a go. You’d be amazed what you can find there. Look for me on >> flutterbyplum. As of 16 Feb 2014 I have 52 boards with 4980 pins and I am following 590 people. I can’t wait to pin more!

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6 thoughts on “Addicted to Pinterest

  1. Pinterest Addiction – I know how you feel – my “about” sections says I’m a mom who loves to try new things and go on Pinterest whilst I’m preparing supper and especially on a Sunday evening…..Ahh that was really the 1st few days.Now its whenever I have the chance.The thing is I actually put my storyboards to use.Ive bought several items I’ve put on my boards/wishlists and even baked/cooked from the recipes……seriously I’d be shocked if there weren’t more Pinterest Addicts……All the best Ana from

    • Haha I know what you mean. If there is wifi available I am on Pinterest πŸ™‚ My mom has done some great things that she has seen but I still need to get round to my Pinterest to-do list. Instead of pinning them for later I have to get them done this year. This is my one resolution. So many inspiring things I have seen on there and clever ideas. I could spend a whole day going through pins on there if I could. What’s your name on Pinterest?

      Have a wonderful day and enjoy pinning!

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