Sorry I’ve been MIA for a while…

Sorry I've been MIA for a while...

Moving over the last month has been more of a mammoth job than I had ever imagined and every time I planned to sit and write, something came up or I fell asleep on the couch. So my apologies for this. There is so much I still want to write and post and hopefully I’ll get to it in the next week because the builders are finally finishing up at the house and I can finally get my life back on track again.

Coming up in the next week is a post on some of the great fashion items I found in October. I am obsessed with clothes and accessories and find it very difficult to not buy something great when I see it. I went to Cotton On on Sunday to get a refund for items where they had overcharged me and ended up walking out with a top and dress. *sigh* On the up side I wore the dress today and got loads of compliments – so it was worth it!

Last week to my shock, horror and disbelief I met a group of people who had never heard of oxblood. Yes that wonderful deep colour that is everywhere and keeps getting bigger and bigger as a trend. It’s a colour I love wearing on my nails and am on the search for the perfect oxblood lipstick. I will also do a post on that and some of the trends coming up in 2014.

In the last while I feel like there are some changes coming my way and as a firm believer in everything happens for a reason, I’m looking forward to what life has lined up for me…

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